About the festival

About the festival

VALKO Youth Center presents an international festival of arts



VALKO Youth Center presents

SUNNY OLYMPIA International Arts Festival

"SUNNY OLYMPIA" - a great opportunity for recreation and recuperation, as well as a demonstration of creativity, communication with like-minded people, transfer of creative experience and acquaintance with the achievements of other groups.The festival is attended by creative groups working in various genres and in different areas of art.


We invite you to take part in the International Festival of Arts "SUNNY OLYMPIA", which is held annually in Kranevo in the Youth Center "VALKO". In the summer of 2024, the festival will be held on the Black Sea coast for the tenth time.

The uniqueness of the festival "SUNNY OLYMPIA" is that the performances of bands on the stage of "VALKO" are harmoniously intertwined with animation projects, which allow children from different countries to get to know each other, as well as to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of Bulgaria. The number of concert performances is clearly balanced with the opportunity to rest.


"SUNNY OLYMPIA" is a great way to relax and recover, as well as an opportunity to express your creativity, communicate with like-minded people, exchange creative experience and get acquainted with the achievements of other groups from different European countries.

The main motivation for the performances is the desire to show the world the unique colors of their state, to demonstrate the national flavor of their country's culture, to show themselves as everyone is.

This approach in the organization creates a unique atmosphere of exactly the festival "Sunny Olympia". And the experience and traditions of the festival prove that "Solar Olympia" is a place of unforgettable meetings, manifestations and achievements in creativity, loud applause, new friends and bright impressions.



1. Creative teams take part in the festival,
working in various art directions and genres.

2. The age of the festival participants is up to 18 years old.

3. The festival is held without competition and without determining places and nominations. All groups receive diplomas of the festival participants.

4. technical requirements:

4.1 Phonograms must be submitted on a flash drive (a copy is also required). Musical or noise instruments may be used instead of a phonogram;

4.2 Stage costumes of the participants;

4.3 The flag of their country.

Discover the magic of art with us!

We are delighted to invite you into a wonderful world of creativity and inspiration at our international arts festival SUNNY OLYMPIA. This is not just an event, it is a celebration of culture, art and youth creativity, where everyone will find something special for themselves!

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